Why Sourcing.eco


Welcome to Sourcing.Eco and congratulations on taking steps towards a more sustainable future of international trade and production. Sourcing.eco is the first sourcing sustainability platform that connects factories, traders, and importers, enabling them to share data that benefits each ecosystem actor while incentivizing sustainability practices in production and purchasing behavior.


The name of the platform speaks of itself as the intention to be the world’s largest one-stop solution for ecological and sustainable sourcing for international buyers and direct international trade into a sustainable and greener future for all of us.


The team of Sourcing.eco includes professionals working in international trade, quality control, certification for 10+ years, and knowing pains and stumbling blocks on the way from both importers' and exporters' sides. 


Problem for sustainable buyers


Having interviewed companies during trade shows since 2015, we know that the interest for Sustainable sourcing has been increasing, however there is no such marketplace where buyers can efficiently find their reliable and sustainable suppliers. Sourcing and collecting quotations takes days, it is not easy to check the documentation of factories, as well as collect and verify their certificates. 


For sustainable sellers, the challenge is even bigger. It is hard to stand out in the price competition because sourcing platforms nowadays promote the cheapest products. It is also hard to differentiate and compete fairly because some competitors present fraud or invalid certificates. Along with that, producing products sustainably and ethically is often more expensive, meaning less marketing and promotion budget for producers.


Problems for sustainable sellers


Taking into account these challenges, Sourcing.eco offers a solution that enables B2B buyers to have a transparent, reliable, and efficient solution for modern sourcing. 


For B2B Buyers the platform gives clear guides about sustainable sourcing methods for a specific industry. Please check our Blog and select the guide which matches your product category. Sourcing.eco has suppliers from multiple regions and encourages local sourcing. You can always see the supplier's location. 


To enable an efficient and fast sourcing process, we have the prompt chat feature for immediate quotations collection. Get your quotations in minutes instead of days. The platform also allows you to see the supplier’s real factory capacities and profile: certificates, company's profile, production capacities, trade shows, etc. 


What makes Sourcing.eco a truly reliable and efficient solution for sourcing is the feature of automatic documentation verification as well as the sustainability certificates checkup. With our native software, we verify the certificates and documentation of all onboarding suppliers and only approved ones are able to display their products online. This enables B2B buyers to shortlist and get in touch with suitable suppliers without worrying about their document verification. In case further verification is needed or you want to arrange an on-site factory audit or your products inspection, get in touch with Sourcing.eco team and we will advise you a suitable solution and service. 


Solution for sustainable importers - Sourcing Eco


As other sourcing platforms promote cheapest products and often unreliable and unsustainable producers, it further led to unsustainable and unethical methods of production which means the majority of players do not value sustainability and ethical practices.


New generation is pushing for environmentally responsible products which is pushing changes to regulation and attitude of big players in the market to find more responsible suppliers, but producing ethically means that the production costs are high and margins are low. Thus this new generation of sustainable suppliers and producers are struggling to gain visibility in the already crowded market full of cheap products.


Sourcing.Eco enables suppliers to showcase their products and documents to the database of verified sourcing professionals, find the right buyers, contact buyers directly through our secure messaging, and create business opportunities while playing fair.


We also build trust with B2B buyers with verified background documentation. The platform has a 0 $ onboarding fee and a free basic plan - this way we hope to collect more sustainable producers under one roof and direct the production and sourcing into a new sustainable route. 


Solution for sustainable suppliers - Sourcing Eco


Sourcing.eco is more than just an online marketplace. With our Blog and extensive knowledge in sourcing, international trade, and sustainability Sourcing.eco team is constantly working on making the platform as valuable as possible, with short but comprehensive guides for importers and suppliers. Our goal is to collect under one roof like-minded sellers and buyers as well as related companies: recycling companies, eco-certification agencies, design for sustainability firms, in order to facilitate traceability and sustainability in international trade. 


Online academy on sustainability in sourcing - Sourcing Eco


Be a part of the large community of sourcing professionals who care about ecology and sustainability! Let’s create the future of greener and more sustainable trade together!