Why to sell with Sourcing.eco

Welcome to Sourcing.Eco and congratulations on taking steps towards a more sustainable future of international trade and production. Sourcing.eco is the first sourcing sustainability platform that connects factories, traders, and importers, enabling them to share data that benefits each ecosystem actor while incentivizing sustainability practices in production and purchasing behavior.

The name of the platform speaks of itself as the intention to be the world’s largest one-stop solution for ecological and sustainable sourcing for international buyers and direct international trade into a sustainable and greener future for all of us.

With sustainability front and center, consumers do more than just check the list of ingredients on a label.

73% of consumers indicate that they prefer products that are sustainably produced and sourced. Millennials are more concerned about what they consume forcing companies to re-evaluate their existing supply chain practices.

Historically, suppliers and buyers over the years have exploited the loopholes in regulation for pushing production in developing nations where the enforcement of strict environmental laws is not prevalent. Further, the capitalist mindset has forgotten the value of preserving nature and sustainable practices in the hoard of rewarding players providing the cheapest material. The majority of current sourcing platforms promote manufacturers and sellers who are economically most viable.

This promotion of the cheapest products first has further led to unsustainable and unethical methods of production which means the majority of players do not value sustainability and ethical practices.

The good news however is that the new generation is pushing for environmentally responsible products which is pushing changes to regulation and attitude of big players in the market to find more responsible suppliers, but producing ethically means that the production costs are high and margins are low. Thus this new generation of sustainable suppliers and producers are struggling to gain visibility in the already crowded market full of cheap products.

The difficulties of sustainable producers are further increased by dishonest players in the market who fraud their certificates and licenses and sell the same products cheaper. This not only reduces the trust of buyers but also puts pressure on good players to go the extra mile to prove their authenticity. This also makes the job of buyers who are trying hard to become more sustainable and want to go green.

Sourcing.Eco enables suppliers to showcase their products and documents to the database of verified sourcing professionals, find the right buyers, contact buyers directly through our secure messaging, and create business opportunities while playing fair.







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