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      Kano-cn is a fashion, with an international vision of the new brand, specializing in office furniture R & D, production, sales and service, is committed to providing professional office space for customer solutions. Kerr Cano to the office environment SOLUTION TOTAL integration services as the goal, to provide customers with the system, fashion, with international design standards of quality products and improve the experience of service. Under the guidance of the principle of pragmatic and innovative action, Kerr Cano's business strategy will be gradually optimized, firmly grasp the industrial trend, the extension of the core business and related industrial chain development. Kerr Cano has a clear product positioning and unique service model, create differentiated marketing; and combining international design resources, strengthen the R&D product development, so that customers can get more fashion, more economical, and lower management cost. In order to build the international influence of China's office furniture brand and continue to forge ahead. Kerr Cano has set the development, operation, brand management as one of the production center, adhere to sound management, continuous innovation, openness and cooperation, product sales and service coverage of the first and second tier city, and focus on the international market. Kerr Cano has always been to design, quality, brand, service as the cornerstone of development, through robust, professional quality management and operation mode, to provide customers with professional, international office environment solutions.

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      Date of issue: 13 March 2017
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